Toy share change toy market

In a Shared economic trend, to provide for "blowing" almost all over in various areas today, leasing industry began to quietly popular toys for children. What is a share toys? Sharing platform 61 toy toy is on the market at present is good a platform, actual, toy lease is not fresh topic, it has very popular in some European and American countries, in our country has also gone through 10 years of development, but has not form the market size is too big. In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile Internet technology, various types of toy rental service model also increasingly rich, toy leasing industry with its unique audience and resurgent.
61 toy it is in such a development opportunity of the strong rise of a mobile guide rental and service platform for high-end toys. For consumers, 61 toy by experiential consumption patterns to try - and not just after the lease buy change consumer spending habits, to optimize the user experience, can also let the children can be realized on the platform displacement, selling second-hand toys and gifts project hope, true toy to be Shared. And for toy manufacturers, 61 toy can realize merchants to participate in a joint participation, namely through the advanced idea of system of 61 toy stores involved, supply by them, to further expand the scale of the market, realize the pb content and platform, market share, achieve win-win cooperation.